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Exhibition Statement:

Re-Defining Generation X

As a so-called Generation Xer, It is easy to be surrounded by cynicism and a “hip” detachment from the world that is often viewed with cool irony.  My artwork is in direct opposition to this paradigm.  It revolves around playful themes that are both idealistic and romantic, designed to uplift the viewer and enhance the world we live in.  I challenge the viewer to love, relax, and enjoy life.   Such romantic endeavors seem to be taboo in the art world today.  Whether it is or not, truth be told, I believe in romance.  This is reflected in the innocence and sexuality of the creatures that are thoroughly enjoying themselves in ways that humans are much too self-conscious to.  Their celebration of romance and sweetness is evident in the pastel color combination that utilizes pinks, turquoises, and lavenders.  They freely canoodle among butterflies, romp, and snuggle with the generosity of their rounded bellies, long tails, and curly ears.

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