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Exhibition Statement for Crush: 

Crush was a project four years in the making.  It was long on the back burner until I had the time and funding to complete it.  As Crush was so long in process, it spans an unusually large chunk of my life: from the end of my marriage, to divorce, to single life.  Crushes were the constant through that duration as my reckless heart strove for attachment in an attempt to fill the void that I felt.  Through the letdowns of crushes I’ve discovered myself as whole.

Project Description:.

Crush is a mysterious environment full of tension.  I flooded the gallery floor with water that appears to be bottomless, creating an unearthly place where the unexpected materializes.  I hung false walls from the top shelf, allowing the water to disappear behind them.  That gives the space a groundless quality and further suspends reality. Sentries top the floating, papered walls, acting as gargoyles that watch over the central figure.  I built a gate and secured it with a lock, restricting entrance to those without keys.

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